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TCD Home – FAQ’s

TCD Home – FAQ’s

Q: How long does it take to manufacture the cabinetry?
A: Cabinetry typically takes up to eight (8) weeks to be completed

Q: Does TCD Home offer knobs, pulls, faucets, sinks and countertops?
A: TCD Home has its own line of hardware for your selection. Recommendations for other accessories fall under additional designer services.

Q: Do you have a showroom that I can visit?
A: Our Lookbooks, that are available to you via email, display our products in a clear and vivid manner – we also have samples available for your perusal.

Q: How does the process work?
A: You can find our easy five (5) step process, clearly laid out on our website.

Q: How do I make an appointment to speak with a designer about my project?
A: It is recommended that initial contact be made via an email to You can even fill out our Client Questionnaire on our website, which will give us an initial understanding of your needs and wish list for your space.

Q: Are there any fees for designer consultations?
A: TCD Home has a Design Development Fee, which is deducted from the final cost of your project.

Q: Will the designer come to my location to view my space before we consult?
A: Viewing of the space takes place during the on-site designer consultation.

Q: What is the average production time for any TCD Home product ordered?
A: TCD Home products can take up to 8 weeks for manufacture.

Q: Can I order a custom design or do you only offer fixed sizes?
A: With a wide range of unit sizes, configurations and finishes – you can order straight out of our Lookbooks to achieve a custom look.

Q: Will TCD Home completely renovate my space? Including demolition, lighting, plumbing, etc.?
A: Full Interior Design of your space is available at the Client’s request.

Q: Can we have our own contractor do the installation?
A: You can complete installation on your own. However, TCD Home will not be liable for any issues that may arise. Essentially, once the Client has signed off on receipt of the product, the Project will be deemed Complete.

Q: How long does the install process take?
A: Installation takes approximately 3 days to be completed. Additional adjustments can extend the installation time.

Q: Is installation included in the total cost?
A: Yes! Your final quotation will include installation costs as well as any additional services you have requested from TCD Home.

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