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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

“Toni, I am at a loss for words! I really don’t think that we can say thank you enough for transforming our home and turning our vision of a beautiful modern home into this peaceful oasis and retreat.

We promise that we will continue to build cherished memories while ‘lovin’ our new home. It was indeed our pleasure to work with such a professional, dynamic team who understood us and what was important to us.

Each private space has been personalised with the occupant in mind, and the shared spaces harmonised for the family. We feel privileged to call this place of beauty our home. We will definitely be loving it for many years to come.

If ever we can be of service to you, please feel free to call on us. Please give Bree and Celine our utmost thanks and regards.”

Kathleen, Gerard, Jaydon, Andres and Marc-Anthony

“Working with Toni Crockett Design, was very enlightening for me.

I have been a property developer for 10 years now, and never saw the value in an Interior Designer, I must say my perspective on this has completely changed, and I would not do another residential project without one. Thank you TCD for showing me the light!”


“Toni Crockett Design exceeded my expectations. The kitchen remodel project was one that I kept pushing aside for years.

The storage and layout issues overwhelmed me.  I met with a few design consultants over the years, searching for that unknown quality that would finally push the go button.  I found it in Toni Crockett Design.  At my first meeting with Toni and Euzhan, Toni said, “Yes, I can see the issues with clutter.”  My response was “But Toni, I cleared up because you were coming…” Their expressions of disbelief had us all laughing, and looking at these “before” pictures, I can see why.  This was a real transformation!  As with any remodel, there were hiccups along the way, but TCD was at the forefront, working on my behalf, and I never had to stress over any of it.  They truly work hard to make sure that the client’s needs are met, or in my case, exceeded.  If I had to sum up my experience with one word, it would be “happiness”.  Thank you to the team at TCD for my kitchen transformation.”

Tisha Teelucksingh

“I’ve told Toni more than once that I would quit my job and come work for her full-time, but I don’t think she’s taking me seriously.

Probably because Toni has a vision that I lack. We sat down and chose samples and she could see the big picture and I just couldn’t. I’m glad I trusted her judgement because I get to live in this amazing, stunning space every day and I still can’t get over it. I think I have great taste (or so I’ve been told) but I like lots of things and all sorts of different styles, and they don’t always go together (trust me, ask Toni, she could tell you some stories). But Toni paid attention to every detail – and I love that this is her trademark as a designer – and she came up with a design that so accurately reflects my taste in color and style that I still can’t figure out how she figured ME out so well. Let’s not forget Rishi – he’s an audio-visual-technical geek – so between him and Toni, I have a space that not only looks good, but has great functionality as well. This bit is very important to me as my life revolves around my smart devices. So it looks like I’m going to stick to my full-time job, but at least when I get home after very stressful days, I can feel like I’m on vacation. My heartfelt thanks for that, Toni and Rishi!”

Joanne R.

“We still clearly remember our first meeting with Toni and what struck us most was her overflowing sense of enthusiasm and confidence.

We made the decision to allow her design team to assist us with the completion of our home. Toni’s strength was her ability to execute a design plan that would highlight the beautiful architecture of our home. Toni has exquisite taste and it is truly admirable to see how she correlates all the details throughout the house maintaining the common theme. She has definitely been the key instrument in converting the house into our home. Mention must be made of her competence in record keeping as she had the ability to retrieve any information required almost instantly, as it became necessary. Today we must say that she has done an exceptional job and we wish to thank both Toni and Rishi for making this dream a reality. We wish you all the best in the future.”

2016 Client

“We would like to thank Toni and Rishi for the amazing job they did on the exterior and interior design of our new home.

It’s stunningly beautiful, but at the same time simple and functional. We started with a blank slate, and though the structure was very well defined, we quickly became overwhelmed with the details. Having engaged this design team, life was made easy and we were insanely happy with this decision through all stages of the project. We especially appreciate the attention to our likes and preferences and incorporating these in ways that were stylish and tasteful. We loved working with you and thank you for getting us to an end result that was far more beautiful than we imagined!”

Vera and Leslie

“Since purchasing my townhouse, it was always a dream of mine to renovate it from top to bottom and now that this dream has finally become a reality.

I have to say that Toni was definitely my Fairy Godmother in renovating and interior design.  From the very beginning when we first met for the initial consultation, I experienced levels of professionalism and genuine care that you just don’t find today.  Toni was on a fact-finding mission to determine my personal style and my vision and, as I look around my ‘new’ home today, I can safely say that Toni went above and beyond what I could have ever imagined my dream home to look like.  I would highly recommend Toni Crockett Design to anyone who wants to make their interior design dream and vision a reality.  Thank you Toni and TCD Team, for everything!”

Lily Moniz

“Working with Toni was a fun, hassle-free experience.

I believe her greatest gift is the ability to really listen to her clients and not impose her own style or preferences upon them. I would 100% recommend Toni Crockett Design, whether your project is small or major.”


“It’s such a pleasure and great opportunity to express my gratitude and satisfaction for the amazing transformation in my daughter’s bedroom.

From the planning stage to the design and layout and to the end result….there was so much anticipation. Although you provided ample choices for everything that needed updating and was very attentive to our wants when our vision was to create a clean, serene, updated and very transitional space, you were always willing to please and make us happy. You knew what we were trying to achieve and always steered us in the right direction even when there was doubt…the metallic silver ceiling, the display cabinet and shelves all turned out awesome. We have had so may compliments  about the makeover. The room is now so fresh and sophisticated, ideal for an 18 year old; I’m so please that we undertook to do it when we did. It was a wonderful surprise for my daughter. And thank you for the regular, if not daily visits during the painting of the room and the entire makeover. Your dedication is admirable and reassuring. I certainly enjoyed working with you and look forward to your future makeovers on other projects.”

Nadia & Sam

“I hired Toni to help me bring my house to life with colour and she did exactly that! I would definitely recommend Toni as a consultant.

I can’t believe how many compliments I have received to date. My house feels complete. She has a real natural talent and passion for what she does. She provided focus and fresh ideas and helped me build on my design ideas. Her friendly and pleasant personality just adds to the whole experience. Thank you so much for your help! Hope to work with you again.”

Sonia Della Mora

“Toni has a natural talent for choosing colour and for advising on good use of space.

She does not impose her ideas, but rather seeks to understand her client’s taste and style, and is able to incorporate this into the final product.  By listening to Toni, I learned about proper use of colour, light and texture, and as a result, my house has undergone a complete makeover that looks fabulous.  I highly recommend that you invite Toni to help you with your decorating project.”

Kim R

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