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Our People

Our People

Toni SuratSingh

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Toni SuratSingh is the co-founder and Creative Director at Toni Crockett Design, formerly known as Tonic Designs. Since establishing her firm in 2003, Toni has collaborated with a diverse clientele to achieve a balance of bold yet attainable design. Passionate about creating an interior environment that suits each client, Toni loves to infuse her projects with unique colour, textural materials, and an eclectic collection of furniture styles to achieve a result that’s a perfect mix of sophistication and warmth.

Over the past ten years Toni has built a reputation and gained a competitive advantage in the design industry with her unique combination of qualifications, skills and colourful work experience.

Toni fine-tuned her design talents while working at several Toronto Interior Design firms, custom furniture companies, Toronto’s leading luxury plumbing company and as a Benjamin Moore Colour Consultant.

This combination of experience and education laid the groundwork for the inception of Toni Crockett Design Ltd.

Rishi SuratSingh

Co-Founder & Company Director

Rishi SuratSingh is the co-founder and Company Director at Toni Crockett Design. His Business education, coupled with many years working in the financial sector, has allowed him to successfully manage the inner workings of the design firm. Rishi’s role balances both administrative and accounting responsibilities. His prime objective as Company Director is to ensure that all TCD clients are afforded both exceptional design and excellence in customer satisfaction.

Bridgette Constantine

Junior Interior Designer

Bridgette Constantine is our Junior Interior Designer at Toni Crockett Design. She graduated from Humber College in 2020 and joined the TCD Team shortly after. Bridgette brought her dynamic high-spirited and committed approach to our many ongoing projects. She is reliable, diligent and has a keen eye for detail which has added to our company’s diverse portfolio. Bridgette works across all elements of our projects from technical drawings to striking presentation packages. She is dedicated to seeing all tasks through, ensuring quality work and client satisfaction.


Devika Ramdass

Junior Interior Designer

Devika Ramdass, a graduate of the University of the West Indies and the New York Institute of Technology joined team TCD at the end of 2020. She has approached her position with a willingness to learn and has developed a determination to overcome challenges. Her calm and collected approach to work is reflective of her mindful disposition. Devika’s approach to design is influenced by her interest in visual composition, stemming from her love for photography.


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