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TCD Home – Process

TCD Home – Process

Step One:


Send us an email at and we will send you our initial client questionnaire.
This is how we will begin to understand your needs and your wishlist for your space. A vital step for a successful project! Once we get that info, a designer consultation will be booked for you.

Step Two:


At an on-site designer consultation, a TCD Home representative along with our TCD Home designer, will view and take
measurements of your space. You will be able to review product samples while we discuss your goals and ideas for the space, your likes, dislikes and investment for the project. This consultation has a *$1000 design development fee for which you will receive a presentation of the design layout, as well as a printed quotation.

*This fee is deducted from the final cost should you choose to move forward with TCD Home.

Step Three:


The TCD Home Design Team will work on your personalised design. This phase takes a minimum of two weeks. Upon completion, this
design will be presented to you with a copy of the quotation for your review and approval. Approval is indicated by client’s signature. At
this point 60% downpayment is required to place the order.

Step Four:


Once the quotation is signed and approved and the downpayment is received, the order will be placed for manufacturing. This will be
completed and ready for installation in approximately eight (8) weeks.

Step Five:


Upon delivery, the client, along with a TCD Home representative, will review each item to ensure that the complete product has been received, as ordered. Once this is established, the 40% balance must be made and installation can then begin. This takes approximately 1-3 days, depending on the product and without additional adjustments that can extend the installation time.

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